Meet Our Therapists - Joyce

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Clan are absolutely delighted to welcome Joyce Anderson to our team of Complementary Therapists.

My name is Joyce Anderson, I am Shetland born and bred, and very happy with my heritage. My working background is care, I was a trained nurse and worked in various settings. Within my work, I cared for patients going through palliative care, and helped to support them and their families.

I worked in social care and also supported clients and families to cope at home with cancer. Whilst nursing I studied with the Open University and obtained an Honours Degree in Health and Social care. I studied Counselling Skills while Nursing, and this was supported by Macmillan Shetland.

I had to give up care work as I have a genetic hearing problem and became profoundly deaf. Thanks to modern technology, I now wear a cochlear implant! I then studied Reflexology to become a qualifies reflexologist. After completing the course, I became a volunteer for Clan in Shetland, and then became their Reflexologist.

I have been affected by cancer in my family and see how Clan has so much to offer people through emotional and practical support.

I love being part of the team at Clan Shetland. Giving clients some 'me time', which is essentially needed. Seeing the person relax during and after the treatment, where they are often stressed and anxious makes me feel I have done something to help them in their journey.

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