Are you taking part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) and want to support a local charity?

By choosing Clan, you are helping to support children and teenagers in your own community affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Our focus is ensuring people live well through their or their loved one's cancer journey. As a result of this, we support other social issues as well.

Hear what Alana, our YPI project lead, has to say about Clan and YPI!

Addressing social issues


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What does your £3,000 mean for Clan?

It means helping up to 130 children and teenagers, right here in your community.

It costs approximately £23 to provide a 1:1 session with one of our Children and Family practitioners, and to supply the appropriate tools required to help a child or teenager navigate their cancer experience.

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Tools like our 'Teenage Self Care Kits' can help with general self-care, and might include items such as a notebook, pencil, hand cream, chocolate treats, eye masks, marbles/stones and an expandaball in a tote bag.

The tote bag will be signed by the practitioner in one of the 1:1 sessions and can be personalised to the taste of the client.

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Notebook and Pencil

The pencil will have an upbeat quote to inspire and motivate. The notepad can be used in - or out - of the 1:1 sessions as a journal, a safe space to write down whatever is on their mind without judgement, or the client can list additional items they'd like to add to their kit!

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Eye mask and sweet treats

Sleep can often suffer during times of stress, so the mask can help with this, or just be used to help unwind.

It's often the little things, like a hot chocolate that can put a smile on your face during a difficult time. This can encourage teenagers to take a moment to recharge.

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The 'Expandaball'

This is sometimes used to help with breathing techniques. As you open and close the ball at the pace of your breath, your mind wanders, taking the focus away from your breathing. As a result your breathing automatically slows down - helping reduce feelings of panic and release anxiety.

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There is no other cancer charity in north-east Scotland that does what we do. We provide support in the heart of your community and many of our services are entirely unique to us.

Our stats from 2022 - 2023

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We offer so much for children and young people, but we also offer support for individuals of any age at any point in their cancer journey.

A Drop-in/Telephone Service

Support and Wellbeing Groups

Age-Appropriate Support for Children and Teenagers

Therapeutic support

Health and Wellbeing Advice

Clan Haven

We offer our services freely to cancer patients and their loved ones in their time of need.

In reality, this costs Clan over £2 million pounds every year.

As an independent charity, we have to raise this money through donations, grants, our shops and local fundraising - we're not given any government funding. That's why your support is so important!

Absolutely! There's no better way of understanding the difference your support makes than by seeing it for yourself.

Come and visit us at any of our local Clan centres, or if you can't, we can come to see you at your school.

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