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Planning a fundraiser? Want to give back to your local community? Then please get in touch today to tell us all about it.

Choosing how to fundraise can be a hard decision and can range from as big or as little as you like depending on your target. For some ideas and hint and tips please download our fundraising pack.

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Looking to hold a bake sale for our 40th birthday? Download our Bake pack for perfect mix of items for your event.

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Or you can download some of our handy assets below that you might need when embarking on your fundraising journey!

Get in touch with the team if you have any questions by emailing or call 01224 647000.

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Whether you’re an individual, community group, friend group, school or workplace we want to hear from you and help guide you in the direction of a successful fundraiser. We love nothing more than chatting to our amazing supporters.


Yes, running a raffle is a great way to raise funds!

The easiest way is to hold a fundraising event and run your raffle for the event duration. It is possible to run a raffle over days/weeks, but it is subject to much more strict gambling rules and requires licensing. Please contact us at if you wish to discuss this further.

Running a raffle on the day/night of your fundraising event is much simpler, but there are still a few rules to be aware of;

  • All tickets must be sold for the same price – no discounts for bulk buying of tickets
  • Tickets can only be sold during the event and only to people aged 18 or over
  • The raffle must be drawn at the event. To be clear, you don’t have to draw the raffle whilst every one of your guests are present, but it must be drawn before the event finishes
  • You cannot deduct more than £100 from any monies collected (ticket sales, raffle sponsorships etc) proceedings in expenses incurred, such as for the cost of printing tickets, hire of equipment etc
  • No more than £500 can be spent on prizes. Prizes can be donated though, and there’s no limit on how many prizes you can have!

There are many great ways of hosting an online auction – one of the most popular ways include setting up an auction page via websites such as GalaBid, 32 Auctions, Givergy & many more.

Another great option is to use social media – you can set up an event page or just use your personal account, post your auction items and watch those bids flow! You could make it a silent auction and have the bids privately messaged to you or you can make the bids public so everyone knows what they’re bidding against – this might help you raise more funds.

Spread the word as much as possible. Tell all your friends, family and colleagues – word of mouth is a fantastic way to advertise local events.

If you are tech savvy, consider using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. If that’s a bit intimidating for you, why not design and print posters to put up in your event venue or local community hot spots – with permission of course. If you’re multi-talented, why not both?!

If your event is on a weekend, many local radio stations do a feature on what activities are on, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the local radio station, or even the local press. Your event might just be the feel-good story they’re looking to shout about!

Sadly, Clan cannot promote your fundraising event, but we can offer advice on how you can.

Of course, we love seeing our logo on display! You can download it here to use for promoting and advertising your event.

Click here to download

Absolutely! If you are interested in having any Clan branded collateral at for your fundraiser, please let us know by contacting us at If we have collateral available, and we can get it to you in time for your event, we’d be delighted for you to make use of it.

Depending on your event, we have Clan branded merchandise that we’d be happy to provide to you to sell on our behalf. Anything unsold can be returned to us, so there’s no risk or cost to you.

Also, take a look at some of our download links on this page. There are things there like Clan Bunting, build your own donation house, poster templates and so on, which can help you identify your event in aid of Clan.

We’d love to be at your event, but it does depend on staff/volunteer availability. If a mutually suitable time can be arranged beforehand, we’ll see you there and would be happy to say a few words. Contact us at if this is of interest.

If we’re unable to attend your event, we would be happy to instead provide a statement that can be read out on our behalf. We’d love to thank everyone for their hard work and explain how your fundraising helps and supports us.


Our clients can express far better than we can the positive difference Clan has made in their lives. It’s a powerful way to highlight to your guests the work Clan does and how your fundraising will help us continue to support those who need us.

Take a look on our YouTube channel ( for a variety of stories – all from real clients who have received various forms of support from Clan. Support made possible by people just like you.

We accept donations in a variety of ways;

Cash – pop into Clan House or your local Clan centre, we’d love to chat over a cuppa.

Credit/Debit Card – we can accept card payments over the phone (01224 647000) or you can donate directly via our website Donate - Clan Cancer Support

Cheque – post a cheque directly to Clan House. Please make your cheques payable to ‘Clan Cancer Support’.

Bank Transfer (BACS) – our bank details are

Account number – 00169181

Sort Code – 80-05-14

If you wish to do a bank transfer please keep in mind that unless you’ve contacted us beforehand, we may not know what your donation is from but we will be very grateful to receive it!

Regardless of how or why you’ve donated, if you’ve left your details with us, we will be in touch by post or email to say thank you. If you don’t hear from us, contact us on so we can rectify that – we love thanking our donors and it’s important to us that our supporters get the recognition they deserve!

Gift Aid is a tax relief scheme that allows charities to claim 25% of the tax already paid on all eligible donations made by a UK taxpayer. This doesn’t cost the donor anything, and can result in increasing every £1 donated to us by 25%! £10 donated by you or your guests can become £12.50 with Gift Aid.

However, it’s important to note that if you’re hosting a fundraising event it’s unlikely we can claim Gift Aid on any funds raised. As a very general rule Gift Aid applies to one-off donations from a specific individual.

If you consider playing any fundraising games at your event, for example a round of heads and tails with a donation to enter - we can provide you with gift aid envelopes. Guests pop their donations into an envelope and have to fill in some personal details. If that income is kept separate and handed over to us (with the Gift Aid envelopes themselves), we can potentially claim Gift Aid on those specific donations after your event. You can see an example of what a Gift Aid envelope looks like below. This does require the gathering of personal data and is a bit of extra work, so we completely understand if you’re not comfortable doing this. We promise you we’re still so grateful for every penny raised.

More information about gift aid can be found here - Gift Aid - Clan Cancer Support

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A Letter of Authorisation outlines the fact that Clan is aware of your fundraising event and states that you are fundraising on our behalf. It also confirms that you as the fundraiser are responsible for holding the event and the management of the event itself.

There’s no legal requirement for you to have a Letter of Authority before undertaking a fundraising event in aid of Clan, but one may be helpful when you’re asking for prizes, donations, event sponsorship etc.

If you require a Letter of Authorisation, reach out on

Clan House can be utilised by fundraisers to host their events. There are a few different spaces you can use which can accommodate different numbers of attendees depending on your specific needs.

Clan House is right in the centre of Aberdeen with its own car park, and could be a great option to hold your fundraiser. It is worth keeping in mind that Clan House is a working office during the week, and Haven (our Bed & Breakfast facility) is almost continuously in operation, so this may affect the type or timing of events you can hold here. If you are interested in the option of having your event here, then please contact us at

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