Clan's senior management team is responsible for the day-to-day operational needs of the organisation.

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Dr Colette Backwell, Chief Executive

Reporting to Clan’s Board of Directors, Colette is responsible for the development and future sustainability of Clan. She ensures effective strategies and programmes are in place to support Clan's aims and objectives.

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Fiona Fernie, Head of Income Generation & Business Development

Fiona is responsible for Clan's income generation stream, including the development of fundraising activities throughout the Clan in the Community network. Fiona also oversees Clan's Planned Giving strategy and network of busy shops stretching from Aberdeen to Orkney and Shetland.

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Kay Johnston

Kay Johnston, Head of Cancer Support Services

Kay is responsible for leading the Services team including Clan in the Community, Wellbeing Services and the Children & Families Service. Kay and her team continually work to develop and enhance Clan's established service offering through its community network, as well as outreach opportunities throughout the communities in which Clan works.

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