Clan offers emotional support through our team of trained staff and support volunteers. Sometimes it can be difficult to share things with those closest to us. At Clan we can give you time and space to talk to someone who understands your feelings. You do not need to make an appointment, support is available at all of our centres.

Clan also offers a professional counselling service for those who feel they would benefit from more in-depth support. Sometimes when we are going through distressing life events, we can experience many different thoughts and feelings which can be difficult to manage. At these times, it can be helpful to look at these at a deeper level in a safe environment, with someone who is outside our circle of family and friends. This is where counselling can be of value. Counselling provides opportunities for those seeking help to work through issues which are troubling them.

We also have a dedicated team working directly with children, young people and their families who are affected by cancer.

Please contact us to make an appointment with one of our counsellors. Support can also be given by telephone by calling 01224 647000.

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