Clan mission statement:

To provide person-centred, community based, professional cancer support services free of charge to anyone with any type of cancer and their families and friends, throughout the north-east of Scotland and the Northern Isles.

Clan's vision:

To be a centre of excellence for the delivery of practical, emotional and social support to people affected by cancer in the north-east of Scotland and the Northern Isles, recognised for our professionalism, outreach to and support for communities and as a great place to work.

Clan values:

  • Excellence - we invest in and empower people, are committed to excellence and strive to provide high quality, consistent support in a healthy, safe environment
  • Honesty - we are honest, fair, transparent and accountable for our actions
  • Respect - we value diversity of people and thought. We behave in ways that earn trust and support each other
  • Teamwork - Clan is a community, we are welcoming and supportive and we communicate openly. We are stronger together

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