A number of support groups meet regularly at Clan House in Aberdeen. All offer an opportunity for those affected by cancer to meet with others in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Aberdeen Myeloma Group

Led by Christine Boylan. A great opportunity to meet other patients and carers and learn more about living with myeloma. The group meets monthly at Clan House, on the 4th Wednesday between 2.30pm - 4.30pm.

Breast Reconstruction Support Group

Meets on the third Tuesday of each month (11am-1pm). Led by ARI breast reconstruction team and offers support to women who have had, or are considering having, breast reconstruction related to breast cancer.

FAB Group

Friendship After Bereavement (FAB) Group meets at Clan House every Monday evening from 7.30 pm. The Group offers friendship and support to anyone who has been bereaved. New members are welcome but are asked to contact Clan before coming along for the first time.

UCAN's Patient Led Support Group

Meets at Clan House on the third Tuesday of every month. For more information call Clan reception on 01224 647000 or visit the UCAN website.

Get in touch

For more information please call CLAN House reception on 01224 647000.

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