Leo and Neil hit the road for CLAN!

Neil and Leo

My third day at CLAN was spent all day with Neil, the Community Fundraising Manager. Throughout the day I got the opportunity to see how Neil goes about his day to day job and what it consists of. We spent the whole day driving around to companies and asking them to let us put up posters advertising CLAN, put out CLAN donation boxes, and just anything to do with advertising CLAN as a whole.

CLAN is a great charity that provides a fantastic service, but people affected by cancer still don’t know that support is available to them. The whole goal of our trip was to advertise CLAN and grab the publics' eye so people can start to realise what is available to them. Neil used many different techniques to get CLAN advertised in various businesses around the city, and I got a great idea of how to expose your brand to the public. While on my day out, I learned that it’s all about building relationships in this business, the more people you know, the better.

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