EatWell@CLAN is new for 2019


The new study invites men and women who have completed their cancer treatment to attend the two-day course – ‘EatWell@CLAN’ – at CLAN House, Aberdeen on 1st and 2nd March.

Made up of small, supportive groups the course will include presentations from health professionals, practical activities and group discussions with other individuals who have been through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The team of researchers from RGU’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and School of Nursing and Midwifery will collect data from each of the participants and hope to identify barriers people may face in achieving their dietary and physical activity goals, and possible solutions.

This will inform the development of a future study to improve diet and physical activity in cancer survivors.

Dr Lindsey Masson, a Registered Nutritionist and Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, is the principal investigator on the study.

She said: “Cancer survivors should aim to be a healthy weight and physically active; eat a diet rich in wholegrains, vegetables, fruits and beans; and limit consumption of fast foods, red and processed meat, sugar sweetened drinks and alcohol.

“Whilst many may be receptive to receiving nutrition advice and making the necessary dietary changes, we need to explore any potential barriers that this particular group may face, so that we can develop strategies for overcoming them.”

This is the latest collaboration between Dr Masson and CLAN to benefit individuals across the North of Scotland, including the launch of the ‘Counterweight@CLAN’ programme in 2017.

Iona Mitchell, Head of Cancer Support Services at CLAN Cancer Support, said: “We are delighted to once again be teaming up with Dr Masson and the team at Robert Gordons University following the success of ‘Counterweight@CLAN’.

“Through CLAN’s network of community bases we are continually looking to expand and diversify the wellbeing support services available to our clients within the communities in which we operate.

“With Dr Masson’s help, those attending the course, will be given an insight into how even the smallest of changes to their lifestyle can make a positive impact.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the ‘EatWell@CLAN’ course and research study can contact Dr Lindsey Masson for more information at: / 01224 262856

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