Power to Help by Fundraising for Clan

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Fundraising for Clan can come in all different shapes and forms, from taking the plunge and skydiving from incredible heights, to hosting annual quiz nights for friends and family. All kinds of fundraisers are important to Clan and we want to empower you to make a difference.

We’re here to help give you the Power to Help with some tips, tricks, and handy information to support your fundraising for Clan in 2022!

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Plan of Action

It’s important to decide what type of event you want to host or take part in. You can find an array of our own events throughout the year by clicking here or simply email to find out what’s on. You can also decide to host your own event which can range from Fashion Shows in your local area, to taking part in a marathon to represent Clan.

Getting the word out about your event is important and you want to make sure everyone knows, when, where, and what you’re doing so they can support you through your challenge and get involved.

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Getting your Donations

The next step in your fundraising journey is encouraging people to donate! Approaching friends, family and colleagues is one of the easiest ways to see your donations increase. By using sponsor forms it can act as a personalised way to ask for donations as well as setting up Online Giving. This is becoming more popular to ask for donations, where you set up a JustGiving page and share online.

Some tools that can give you an extra helping hand with your event might include using our Clan branded T-shirts while taking part, taking along some Clan Merchandise to boost your donations, or even taking along some information leaflets about what Clan offers through our vital services.

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Extra Steps

At Clan, we’d love to hear the details of your event so we can provide any extra help or assistance that might be required.

Once your event has taken place you can drop in to one of our local centres, send us a cheque, or donate online and we’ll send you a special thank you to mark the amazing contribution you have made to help Clan’s vital support services to people affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Our fundraising information packs are available online and can give you more of an insight on how you can get involved.

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Other ways to Get Involved

  • Retail
  • Merchandise
  • Gifts in Wills
  • Clan Lottery
  • Volunteering

Why not take on a new challenge for 2022?! Get involved in one of our upcoming events by clicking the button below.

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