Taking part in Clan's Skydive: Q&A

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Our very own Area Coordinator for Inverurie, Janine Still is taking part in the 10,000ft tandem skydive with her twin daughters later this year.

We caught up with Janine to ask her some questions about why she decided to take part and what makes this opportunity of a lifetime a great event to raise money for cancer.

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A little bit about Janine

I'm Janine and I'm the Area Coordinator for Clan's Inverurie Centre and I'm taking part in Clan's Skydive later in the year along with my two daughters, Alyssa and Kayla.

Why do you want to do a skydive?

I've always wanted to do a skydive and thankfully my girls didn't take too much convincing to join in. We have always taken holidays to theme parks and love the adrenaline rush so we all thought a skydive would be the next big thing to try and to do one as a family would be great support for each other.

Why do you want to take part and raise money for clan?

This is the perfect opportunity to do something big together this year and also raise money for clan. As I see first hand the benefits of our support services to our clients, fundraising events like these are so important and I wanted to do my bit towards fundraising in these difficult times.

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What made your daughters want to do it as well?

My daughters, Alyssa and Kayla, are both thrill seekers and didn't take too much convincing to take part when the opportunity came up. Because they know the benefit of what clan does for it's clients, they couldn't think of a better way to help fundraise.

What are you most excited about?

I'm most excited to do something big with my daughters and help raise money for clan. We're very close as a family and wanted to do it together so that we were able to support each other through the journey.

And what are you most dreading about doing it?

I'm definitely not looking forward to looking over the edge and feeling sick getting ready to jump. My mindfulness exercises will come in handy and I'll be practicing meditation and different breathing techniques to prepare me for the big jump.

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How important do you think events like these are during uncertain times we're currently in?

Lockdown has been hard on everyone over the past year and events like this just give people a glimmer of hope to what the future can look like. I think they are hugely important and to be able to support clients again, even just through taking part in events like this skydive will make such an impact.

I'm looking forward to challenging myself this year and it will be something to look forward to in such an uncertain time.

To find out more about our skydive and to get in touch and take part click the link below.

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