New Health and Nutrition Service launched


This week, Clan Cancer Support have launched the new Health and Nutrition Service with State Registered Dietitian, Julia Clark at the forefront.

Julia is a qualified State Registered Dietitian with over 33 years of experience working in a wide variety of clinical specialties including rehabilitation, specialist weight management, providing sessions on diet and cancer and much more. Julia is launching her ‘Eating well and Cancer’ sessions which include one to one and group appointments for cancer patients with a new diagnosis, are undergoing treatment and those that have completed treatment.

Julia said, “Eating well is important to support health and wellbeing. For many patients, what is a normal pleasurable experience of eating changes, which makes it difficult to eat a healthy diet. Eating well isn’t always easy, especially during cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer treatments may cause problems such as nausea, sickness, sore mouth, and taste changes which may lead to loss of weight. Some treatments may cause weight gain and affect the way patients feel by increasing tiredness, fatigue, loss of appetite.

“I’m looking forward to starting the sessions at Clan and being able to support cancer patients with their health and wellbeing throughout their journey. Healthy eating and lifestyle can often be overlooked when you’re going through treatment, and I want to let people know that our sessions are here when you need them most.”

Find out more about our Health and Nutrition Service here

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Clan is launching this new service for those that have been diagnosed with cancer and have questions about diet and nutrition to be able to help support individuals and families through their journey. Clan is encouraging anyone who has questions to get in touch today to make an appointment and speak to Julia who can offer advice and support in the area that you need it most.

Dr. Colette Backwell, Clan’s Chief Executive said, “We’re delighted to welcome Julia and the new Health and Nutrition service to Clan. This will play a vital role in the wellbeing of our clients and their journey with a cancer diagnosis, as well as a new instrumental way that Clan can support people and their families.”

Clan is encouraging anyone recently diagnosed, going through treatment, or have completed their cancer treatment to get in touch with Julia today by emailing or calling 01224 647000.

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