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Clan are absolutely delighted to welcome Lynsey Birnie to our team of Complementary Therapists. She will be based in our Banchory centre, providing the much-needed service to the Deeside area.

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I'm so excited to be able to offer Meditation classes and Reiki sessions from Clan's Banchory Centre!

My qualifications include:

  • Modern Meditation instructor training
  • Reiki levels up to Masters
  • Body massage
  • And I'm a fully qualified nurse

I have experience in Reiki practice since 2008, working from home and giving reiki to patients when appropriate. I teach Meditation on both a 1:1 and group basis and I run online sessions via Zoom as well.

I chose to come on board with Clan as I have witnessed personally the affects a cancer diagnosis can have on people and their loved ones, as well as cared for patients and families with cancer. I have not only seen the effects on people going through treatment first hand but also the after effect - the living with cancer, from post-treatment to after the all clear. Living life after cancer also comes with challenges.

Clan have thought of everything to help people, families and friends throughout the whole process as well as thinking holistically which really appeals to me. Completing Meditation and Reiki training has really shown me the benefits of these practices personally and professionally, and I want to reach and help as many people as I can and also to give them the tools to help themselves.

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