How Mindfulness can help you with your cancer diagnosis

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During a cancer diagnosis, you may feel an array of different emotions. You may experience stress, a sense of fear or sadness. While there are a lot of ways to cope with your diagnosis and treatment, mindfulness is increasingly being used as a way to recognise and combat the emotions that come along with this journey.

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You might wonder, what is mindfulness? We’re here to help you gain a better understanding as to why more and more cancer patients turn to this method to help them through one of the most challenging times in their life.

What is Mindfulness?

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The concept of mindfulness is about noticing how busy our minds are and learning to accept that it’s alright.

It’s about learning to accept our thoughts without judgement and to live a life in balance with kindness and acceptance, while exploring the edges of our experiences recognising our emotions and feeling within our bodies. This can be essential in coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Mindfulness is like training a muscle we didn’t realise we had, and like most muscles they strengthen with daily training and practice, allowing us to live a more harmonious and peaceful life.

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It is suggested that mindfulness affects various aspects of our psychological wellbeing, such as improving mood, reducing anxiety, increasing positive emotions, and emotional reactivity.

It is completely normal to feel anxious after being diagnosed with cancer and mindfulness practices are here to assist with restoring your body, calming your mind, and reigniting hope during stress-filled days.

Our Mindfulness Course

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We are currently hosting a 10-week accredited Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) with Janine, which will give you an insight into Mindfulness and is about getting to know yourself more deeply while learning new skills to cope with everyday life, especially one with cancer.

The course will provide you with mindfulness techniques and we will look at the theoretical underpinnings around each guided practice. Our group of around 8-10 participants will provide a safe place to share our experiences together.

Click below to find out more about our Mindfulness course and other online classes.

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