CLAN thanks Deeside volunteers

Arlene Mc Farlane

Volunteers across Aberdeenshire have been thanked for their dedication.

CLAN Cancer Support, which has centres across the north-east in Banchory, Inverurie, Crimond, Aberdeen, Moray, Orkney and Shetland, relies upon 400 volunteers who support people who are affected by cancer.

The volunteers, who receive full training, help the charity in providing support to clients as well as supporting CLAN’s events and in the charity’s numerous shops. In Banchory, volunteers support people affected by cancer by offering emotional and practical support.

Arlene McFarlane works as a support volunteer at CLAN’s centre in Banchory. She said: “Like so many others, our family has been affected by cancer and so I felt that I was well placed to empathise with those in that situation. As an Orcadian, I know of many who have benefitted greatly from being able to use the Haven when travelling from Orkney for treatment and appreciate how important our service is to the Islands.

“People thinking of volunteering need not be concerned that it is a hard or stressful thing to do. Of course, there are sad and difficult moments, but they are far outweighed by the uplifting and encouraging ones. People are amazing, and it is often a good laugh!”

CLAN’s Deeside area coordinator, Helen Hasnip said: “CLAN could not provide the services it does without volunteers. From people who work in our shops and those who help at our fundraising events, to the support workers at our centres across the region welcoming anyone who is affected by cancer, every single volunteer plays a vital role.

“Our volunteers are so generous with their time and every day every one makes a difference to someone’s life.”

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