Alex's Story

Alex 1

"I needed help to put myself back together, and thanks to the lovely lady at Clan who recognised what was happening with me, I'm back on track again" - Alex

Clan had the Power to Help Alex after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Clan was vital in her recovery and helped her manage her life beyond cancer. This is her story.

Our cancer support professionals in Shetland were able to recognise that Alex needed help and were able to be there for her throughout her journey. The use of Clan's complementary therapies helped Alex to manage her symptoms, as well as enable her to continue on with her life beyond Cancer and Clan.

"For now, I'm cancer free, and looking forward to, but not taking for granted, the rest of my life"

You can learn more about Clan's Power to Help campaign and how you can get involved below. If you or someone you know is going through a cancer diagnosis, like Alex, please get in touch to speak to one of our support professionals today by emailing or call 01224 647000.

Power to Help is kindly sponsored by Serica Energy.

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