Payroll Giving, also known as Workplace Giving or Give As You Earn (GAYE), allows your staff to give a charitable donation to Clan (or any charity) tax-free through their salary or company pension.

Donations are taken from the donor’s salary before tax is applied, we then receive the donation, plus the tax they would have paid. As a result, they donate less money, and we still receive more of the donation. The higher the tax rate, the more the donor saves.

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Payroll Giving FAQ's

It is easy to set up, and any employer in the UK can offer Payroll Giving; regardless of the number of people in your organisation. Schemes and payments are administered by you, the employer, so there is no need for your employees to provide us with bank account information or even an email address.

In the UK, more than 8,500 employers facilitate Payroll Giving for their employees. Over a million people donate to charities through Payroll Giving, raising over £2 billion for charitable causes.

Some agencies charge an administration fee to cover their costs, however they usually deduct this from the employee’s donation before passing them to the charity. A normal admin fee is typically 2-4%. Employers can choose to pay this fee, meaning that Clan will receive more money. You can also choose to match part, or all of your Payroll Giving donations. Employers can deduct any matching payments or other costs associated with running the scheme from business profits before tax.

If you are not already signed up to the initiative, you will need to contact a Payroll Giving Agency to set up the scheme. You will need to make the deductions each time you run payroll (after NI, but before tax). The donations will then be sent to the chosen agency who will arrange for its transfer to your chosen charity, or charities.

CAF Give As You Earn is the most popular platform, and their website provides a lot of great information, visit the site by clicking here.

Click here for a list of UK approved agencies for Payroll Giving.

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