Eating well is important to support health and wellbeing. For many patients, what is usually normal pleasurable experience of eating changes with treatment, which makes it difficult to eat a healthy diet.

Eating well isn’t always easy, especially during cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer treatments may cause problems such as nausea, sickness, sore mouth, and taste changes which may lead to loss of weight. Some treatments may cause weight gain and affect the way patients feel by increasing tiredness, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Julia Clark, State Registered Dietitian who has over 33 years experience is providing one-to-one sessions for patients going through a cancer diagnosis requiring dietary support and group sessions for patients, which will include:

  • Those with a new cancer diagnosis who are awaiting treatment to prepare them for the treatment
  • Patients who are undergoing treatment and may have problems with their dietary intake
  • Patients who have completed their treatment.

Who are the sessions for?

  • Anyone who has treatment planned to treat their cancer
  • Anyone who is currently receiving cancer treatment including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or biological therapy treatments
  • Anyone supporting someone through cancer treatment
  • Anyone who has completed treatment for cancer

What will be included in the session?

  • Benefits of good nutrition during cancer treatment
  • Preparing for treatment
  • Eating well during treatment and coping with side effects of treatment
  • Food safety during treatment
  • Eating well after treatment for cancer

Get in touch with Julia by clicking the link below for more information about the sessions and about living a healthy lifestyle with a cancer diagnosis.

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