University of Aberdeen Graduates tackle Mongolian Challenge for CLAN

Walking down the graduation aisle today (4 July) will be the first step in a 10,000 mile journey across the world for a group of engineering graduates.

Putting their mechanical skills to the test, Lewis Houston (24) and Craig Morrison (22), both of Aberdeen, Fraser Galbraith (22) of Edinburgh and Jonathan Findlay (25) of Fraserburgh, will soon depart for the where they will drive across half the world for the charity CLAN.

Teaming up as the ‘Friengineers’, they will journey across deserts and mountains in their tiny car nicknamed, ‘Suzy the Suzuki’.

Choosing an unusually arduous route, they will drive across Europe to Azerbaijan, take a ferry across the Caspian sea, then travel the old silk road through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia to cross the finish line in Ulaan Batar.

Lewis said: “We wanted to visit as many different countries, cultures and landscapes as we could. It is more than10,000 miles without support and it’s not going to easy. We’ll be journeying across mountain ranges and deserts. We will drive across one of the highest roads without tarmac in the world and cross a 1000 mile stretch of uninhabited desert.

“One of the most difficult part of planning to trip is unravelling all the red tape. Every country has its unique laws and figuring out when borders are open has been challenging. We’ve planned a lot, but some things we’ll just have to figure out when we’re there.”

Fraser added: “I’m a bit nervous, I know folks have died in the past. We’re very excited for the journey and to raise so much money for CLAN. It’s quite a meaningful thing to Craig and to us. CLAN helped Craig’s grandfather when he was diagnosed with cancer.”

Lewis continued: “The main thing is that we’re helping CLAN in Aberdeen and the Mongolian children’s charity. We’ve raised nearly £10,000 pounds for CLAN and the car will be given to a family in need in Mongolia.” After their epic trek across the Eastern hemisphere, they will be begin jobs in Aberdeen, London and the Middle East in the oil and gas industry.

“We have a bit of a time crunch, Jon has to be back in exactly six weeks to start his new job. It might be the last time all four of us can be together to make this kind of journey and we’re going to make the most of it.”

Lewis Houston is graduating Civil and Structural Engineering and Fraser Galbraith is being awarded a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Jonathan and Craig are graduating with degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

You can follow their journey at or on facebook.

Release issued by the University of Aberdeen.

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