This Christmas, we’re asking our supporters to help us give a very special gift to our clients who rely on our vital cancer support services.

It’s our wish to ensure Clan can continue to provide a light in the dark to individuals and families who turn to us during troubling times.

You can help Clan, and our clients, Shine Bright this Christmas by placing a decoration on our tree.

Each decoration represents a meaningful gift for those affected by a cancer diagnosis with options available from £5 - £100.

To buy a decoration and help us Shine Bright please click the 'Donate Now' buttons below.

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How can you support the Shine Bright Appeal?



Support Literature - Your gift could support the cost of providing books that are frequently used in support sessions for younger children. ‘The Secret C’ helps our support team explain about cancer, and ‘Are You Sad, Little Bear? A book about learning to say goodbye’ helps our young clients in times of bereavement, loss or change.



1:1 Therapeutic Support Session - Your gift could help provide a 1:1 support session to a child or teenager affected by cancer. Using age-appropriate language and resources, our support team will help to improve a child’s understanding of cancer, guide them through their loved one’s diagnosis and, if required, offer support through bereavement and grief.



Support Bundle - Your gift could support the cost of a selection of support literature and frequently used support tools for children affected by cancer.

Worry Monsters are designed to help young people discuss and reduce worries. Children can write or draw their worry onto a piece of paper and then feed it to their Worry Monster. Once the monster has gobbled it up, the worry can then be discussed and shared with an adult.

Memory Boxes help bereaved children come to terms with their grief and loss. Our support team will help their young clients to decorate the box, and, during support sessions, will encourage their young clients to share memories of the keepsakes they have chosen for the box.



Activity Day - Your gift could support the cost of an activity day, which gives children and teenagers the opportunity to meet with others close to their age who are going through a similar experience. While the activities are designed to be fun and allow them time out from their cancer experience, they also encourage peer-to-peer support, promote teamwork and reduce feelings of isolation.


Your Choice

If you would like to donate a different value of gift to Clan – however big or small – you can do so here! Please know that any amount will be invaluable to us. We support over 230 children and teenagers affected by cancer every year, and we can only continue doing so through the kindness and generosity of our donors.

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